Career and Succession Management Programs

The Hayward Group’s approach to career planning and succession management includes customized programs to support your future talent management plans and strategies. These can help employees realize their career ambitions, establish readiness for promotion, and set corresponding actions plans. We also provide group capability and succession planning reports, to determine bench strength and potential gaps on a larger scale - from teams to entire organizations.

Features and Benefits 


Group Level Evaluation

Assessment programs can be created to evaluate teams, departments, and whole organizations in order to provide objective information on group capabilities and weaknesses. This insight is critical when determining bench strength and talent gaps across a group of employees, and understanding how they compare to similar teams in other organizations.  


Linked to Organizational Strategy

Effective career planning and succession management requires that assessments and plans be linked with organizational goals and strategy - a more holistic approach to talent management than is the case with individual programs. We achieve this by exploring strategy during the needs evaluation stage, as well as associating reports and action plans with higher-level goals. We also highlight not only current performance but also future potential, and likely fit to roles at the next level of advancement.     


Positive Focus

While development programs are often focused on managing performance issues, career and succession programs highlight the positive aspects of talent management. This includes understanding capabilities and ambitions, capitalizing on talents, and reaching one's potential. These types of programs have been proven to greatly increase retention and engagement within organizations.  

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