Products and Services

The Hayward Group's assessment programs provide organizations with deep insight into employee capability and potential, using a combination of well-established evaluation methods and consulting expertise. These modern tools and approaches have been proven to predict employee performance and the degree to which they fit in with the team and organization, and include:

  • Problem Solving Tests

  • Behavioural Style Questionnaires

  • Cultural Fit and Motivation Questionnaires

  • ProDev360 Survey Platform

In addition, a range of other products and services are available to help support and provide more value to candidates and participants.

All Programs

Standard Assessment
$275 per participant

  • A series of online questionnaires to evaluate participants’ typical approach to interacting with people and completing work-related tasks and projects. The program also includes a measure of key motivators, and a range of ability tests appropriate for evaluating problem-solving skills and learning agility.

$500/year per participant

  • A powerful and convenient alternative to traditional 360° feedback surveys that allows participants to gauge progress over time. This includes quick and simple surveys that take no more than 2-3 minutes to complete, surveys administered on a regular basis, and online results dashboards that are updated in 'real time'.

Participant Debrief
$400 per participant

  • A meeting between the participant and consultant, who will share and discuss assessment profiles. This session promotes transparency and helps to explore and validate test scores.

Client Debrief
$400 per session

  • A meeting between client stakeholders and the consultant, to discuss assessment reports and field questions or concerns. The session can focus on a single participant or group.

Recruitment Programs

Candidate Sourcing

  • Includes job postings and standardized forms to help attract and screen applicants across critical job requirements. When available, you will also have access to our online database of pre-assessed candidates, who are immediately available for hire.

Career Review and Structured Interview
$1,200 per participant

  • A session between the participant and consultant, who will ask structured, competency-based interview questions to help explore their capabilities. The consultant will add comments and observations to participant reports, describing strengths and development needs for each competency.

Reference Checking
$400 per participant

  • A protected, standardized form to encourage honest input from participants’ former managers, peers, direct reports, and others. Results are explored during follow-up calls with references.

Development Programs

Development Planning
$800 per participant

  • A meeting between the participant and consultant to explore and record development goals, discuss strategies, and set timelines and metrics to determine success. The participant’s manager and other stakeholders are welcome to attend.

$400 per hour

  • Sessions between the participant and coach to ensure ongoing progress and commitment to the program. This includes discussing insights relevant to their assessment report and development plan, establishing a set of possible actions and solutions, and creating a sense of personal responsibility and accountability.

    Between coaching sessions, participants may be asked to complete specific activities that support the achievement of their goals, and be provided with additional resources in the form of checklists or models to support their thinking and actions.

Price varies depending on workshop

  • Our associates and educational partners, such as the Haskayne School of Business, provide a range of training programs and workshops that target specific needs. Consultants will suggest appropriate options based on assessment results.