Comprehensive Recruitment Program

The Hayward Group’s recruitment program is a unique approach to talent acquisition, combining targeted sourcing with competency-based screening, assessment, onboarding and developmental support.  This results in the identification of highly competent and motivated employees, who are a better fit for your team and have the potential for high levels of performance and responsibility.

Features and Benefits 


Technical Expertise

Our consulting team is comprised of advanced graduate-level professionals in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, who have a stronger human resources background than most others in the recruitment industry.  We understand the qualities that lead to performance and success, and have the expertise required to conduct deeper analyses of candidate strengths and development needs.


Exploration of Needs and Concerns

A thorough needs evaluation is conducted before each recruitment project to ensure we fully understand all of the factors important to success, in the position and in your team and organization. This includes the:

  • Impact of the position and recruitment program

  • Responsibilities and role objectives

  • Challenges that incumbents will face in the position

  • Team and organizational culture

  • Characteristics of successful and unsuccessful employees

  • Critical position competencies



A custom, tiered screening and assessment program is created that includes a range of high-quality evaluation methods, proven to be valid and reliable indicators of performance. This wider variety of job-relevant assessment methods allows us to provide a more accurate and comprehensive view of performance and potential, resulting in a smaller, more competent group of candidates for your consideration.


Developmental Support and Onboarding

All successful hires receive a complimentary development program to help them overcome limitations, stay motivated, and quickly reach their performance potential. This includes:

  • Participant feedback sessions, during which a consultant shares reports with the participant and discusses results from the previous assessment.

  • Checkpoint meetings between the employee and the consultant, to monitor progress and better support the new employee’s success.

  • Administration of the ProDev360 feedback platform to determine progress, and evaluate the ROI of the program.

Additional options include:

  • Planning meetings to explore and record development goals, discuss strategies, and set timelines and metrics.

  • Sessions with a certified coach to ensure ongoing progress and commitment, with progress reports to the participant's manager.

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