Ensuring a positive experience for participants is of utmost concern to us, as it not only reflects on our team but on the organizations we represent. We do our best to ensure we are transparent, give you every opportunity to present yourself well, and ensure you receive valuable insights and advice regarding your strengths, needs, and potential. 

Please feel free to contact us at 403-698-5609 if you have any questions or concerns, or leave us a message using the form below. You may also find it helpful to review the frequently asked questions that follow. 

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Frequently Asked Questions


What can I expect during an Assessment Program?

Your experience as a participant can vary considerably depending on the options chosen by the client. However, all assessment programs start with a set of online ability tests and behavioural (personality) questionnaires to help evaluate your capabilities, style, and potential for the target role. 

Your consultant will call you to discuss the assessment process and field any questions or concerns you might have. We will then email instructions and links for relevant questionnaires, including sample tests and practice items you can review to become more comfortable with the approach.

Once the online assessments are completed, your consultant will either write your report or contact you about next steps in the program. These next steps can include:  

  • Work Sample Exercises
  • 360° Feedback Surveys
  • Assessment Feedback
  • Career Review Discussions
  • Structured Behaviour-based Interviews
  • Role Play Exercises


Do you have any advice for completing the assessments?

The best advice we can offer is to answer items as openly and honestly as possible, without overthinking them. Our assessments are very difficult to "fake", and participants who try to do so tend to have unusual and inconsistent results that provide little value to them or the client - in some cases, it can even present them in a poorer light despite their intentions. Just be yourself. 

Try not to worry too much about the evaluation. We choose tests that are as work-related as possible and are at a difficulty level appropriate for the target role. And if you feel you did poorly on a questionnaire, rest assured that we don't depend on single test scores when writing reports or providing feedback to clients. One of the biggest benefits of our approach to assessment programs is that we can identify themes and trends across all exercises and give ample opportunity for you to showcase your talents. 

Above all, ensure you're well rested and completing assessments in a quiet environment, without distractions. Our platform allows you to take breaks between questionnaires, and return to them at your convenience, so please take advantage of this if you like. If you feel uncertain or anxious about the program, just give us a call and we would be happy to discuss further. 


How accurate are assessment programs?

As a participant, you may be concerned about the accuracy of the results, especially if you've had a bad experience with other less valid instruments. Our consultants not only have advanced training and certification in employee assessment, but also use a select set of tests and questionnaires that have been proven to accurately predict performance, fit, and potential - much more so than traditional methods, subjective evaluations, or other less appropriate tools that are on the market. 

For example, studies have demonstrated that cognitive ability tests like you will complete for your program are over 6 times more powerful than a resume in predicting your job performance, particularly when used in combination with other methods. Better yet, a combination of methods, as is the case with assessment programs, are much more accurate and effective than depending on a single method alone, and much better at revealing your true talents and areas for improvement.

Relative Predictive Power of Various Assessment Methods

Do I get to see my results?

Transparency is very important to us and we respect the time and energy you've invested into the program. With that in mind, all but the most basic assessment programs include feedback on your test and profile results, including implications that would be shared with the client - you get to see the actual profiles that we use as consultants to write your narrative report. 

Depending on the program options selected by the client, you may also receive a more comprehensive feedback session, during which we review your strengths and potential limitations in greater detail, and discuss implications for your development. These options include exercises, resources, and templates to help with your future development and career planning.