As an employer, you have responsibility for making the right talent management decisions, whether you're hiring new employees, helping them reach their potential, or determining ideal career paths and succession plans. The Hayward Group's programs can help by providing the comprehensive, objective information you need to make good decisions and supporting you throughout your human resources projects. 

Please feel free to contact us at 403-698-5609 if you have any questions or concerns, or leave us a message using the form below. You may also find it helpful to review the frequently asked questions that follow. 

Testing and Assessment

Individual assessment programs help determine the performance, potential, and fit of job candidates and current employees, offering the insight necessary for conducting effective recruitment, development, or succession management projects.

Assessment programs include options to meet various needs and budgets, from online work-related tests and questionnaires to in-office structured interviews and work sample exercises (e.g., mock business planning exercises, meetings with difficult customers, board presentations, etc.). Results are interpreted and compiled into comprehensive reports by our consulting team, allowing you to easily compare individuals on competencies important to success.



Recruitment and Onboarding

Complete recruitment support that includes profiling jobs, sourcing applicants, and screening and evaluating finalist candidates. We also include onboarding and coaching for your new employee through their first year of employment, with 360° feedback surveys (ProDev360) to determine their progress and performance.



Employee and Leadership Development

Services that range from self-directed development planning to year-long programs that incorporate progress reviews to key stakeholders and ongoing support from certified coaches and trainers. Development plan templates and suggested resources are provided by our consulting staff, to ensure employees know the best ways to leverage their specific strengths and overcome obstacles and limitations.



Career and Succession Management

Customized programs to support your organization's talent management plans and strategies. These include programs to help employees realize their career ambitions or establish readiness for promotion. We can also provide capability and succession planning reports, to determine bench strength and potential gaps on a larger scale - from teams to entire organizations.


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Frequently Asked Questions


What is an Assessment Program?

An assessment program is not simply a test or questionnaire. Rather, it’s a series of proven evaluation methods administered and interpreted by expert consultants, that together provide an accurate, comprehensive view of employee strengths and development needs.


What types of assessment methods do you use?

We offer a range of tests, questionnaires, and other methods to evaluate capability and potential, including:

  • Work Simulations and Assessment Centres

  • Leadership and Management Skills Surveys

  • Conflict Style Inventories

  • Technical Knowledge Tests

  • 360° Feedback Surveys

  • Structured Background Forms

  • Cognitive Ability Tests

  • Personality Questionnaires

  • Structured Behaviour-based Interviews

  • Cultural Fit and Motivation Questionnaires


How useful are assessment programs for informing talent management decisions?

Modern assessment programs provide much greater insight into performance and potential than single tests or conventional methods like resumes reviews and subjective performance evaluations. 

For example, research has shown that resumes account for only about 4% of candidates’ future job performance, despite organizations continuing to rely on them to make hiring decisions. That’s equivalent to buying expensive equipment or machinery, after having read only 4 pages of a 100-page technical manual.

Research on modern assessment programs has been more promising. For example, studies have demonstrated that a well-designed cognitive ability test can be over 6 times more powerful than a resume in predicting job performance. Most importantly, studies have shown that using the right combination of methods, through an assessment program, is much more effective at informing talent management decisions than depending on a single method alone.

Relative Predictive Power of Various Assessment Methods

Why work with The Hayward Group?

Clients tend to chose us for the benefits of a more comprehensive approach and opportunity to partner with a team of talent management experts.  




We design and administer assessment programs that include a range of tools and methods, appropriate for specific jobs and leadership levels. We identify themes and trends, as opposed to relying on single test scores or generic instruments.


All of our methods have been proven, through extensive research, to accurately predict and determine job performance, fit, and potential. Results are presented in an unbiased fashion, using objective data and comparison to employees in similar roles. 


Reports and feedback sessions tell you what you need to know, in a clear and straightforward manner. They start with summaries of key results and then move on to more detailed findings across competencies critical to success in your specific organization.



All of our consultants possess advanced graduate degrees in Industrial/Organizational Psychology or related fields. They have also completed extensive training in our suite of assessment methods, most of which are not available without certification.


Programs are managed and supervised by consultants with many years of experience in talent management - helping clients of all sizes across a wide range of industries, improve their approach to acquiring, managing, and engaging their employees.


We have established partnerships with highly competent and respected consultants, coaches and trainers across North America, which allows us to scale and support client projects of any size, scope, and timeframe.