Development Programs

The Hayward Group’s development programs include services that range from self-directed development planning to year-long programs that incorporate progress reviews to key stakeholders and ongoing support from certified coaches and trainers. Development plan templates and suggested resources are provided by our consulting staff, to ensure employees know the best ways to leverage their specific strengths and overcome obstacles and limitations.

Features and Benefits 


Development Expertise

Our firm's associates possess advanced training in Industrial/Organizational psychology, including the study and application of adult learning principles and best practices. We are particularly proud of our group of certified coaches and trainers, who are available to provide ongoing support and advice to participants to ensure they receive the greatest benefits from the program.  


Insight into Employee Capabilities

In most cases, development programs follow a comprehensive assessment of participants' strengths and weaknesses, which provides valuable insight into the most critical areas for leverage and improvement. This includes the abilities, personality, leadership style, environmental factors, and motivation that tend to have a greater impact on performance than technical skills and experience. We also use assessments to better determine progress through the plan, including the ProDev360 feedback platform and online dashboards.   


Templates and Resources

All development programs start with a participant feedback session, which includes a detailed review of strengths and potential limitations, and implications for the participant’s development. During the session, the consultant will share reports and templates to help guide the program, such as:

  • Key Insights Exercise - activities designed to help the participant explore career goals, highlight themes from the assessment, and consider ways to manage strengths and limitations.

  • Developmental Resources - suggested books, courses, and action steps for various competencies deemed critical to success.

  • Planning Templates - tables in which the participant can record meaningful development goals, strategies, and keep track of progress.


Partnership and Support

Our team works closely with participants, managers, and other stakeholders to gather input and inform development plans, as well as ensure alignment with organizational priorities. This includes ongoing communications and support throughout the program, including checkpoint meetings and progress reviews to ensure accountability, evolve the plan as needed, and inform decision-makers at key milestones.

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