Testing and Assessment

The Hayward Group's assessment programs provide organizations with deep insight into employee capability and potential, using a combination of well-established evaluation methods and consulting expertise. These modern tools and approaches have been proven to predict how well employees will perform the job and the degree to which they fit in with the team and organization. 

Every employer uses some type of assessment (e.g., resume reviews, manager appraisals). However, we also offer a range of modern evaluation methods and programs to help overcome the limitations of these traditional approaches, including:

  • Work Simulations and Assessment Centres

  • Leadership and Management Skills Surveys

  • Conflict Style Inventories

  • Technical Knowledge Tests

  • 360° Feedback Surveys

  • Structured Background Forms

  • Cognitive Ability Tests

  • Behavioural/Personality Questionnaires

  • Structured Behaviour-based Interviews

  • Cultural Fit and Motivation Questionnaires

Features and Benefits 


Consulting Expertise

The members of our consulting staff have strong backgrounds in talent management research, program design, and practice - specializing in modern assessment methods and instruments. All consultants possess graduate degrees in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and years of experience helping clients improve their approach to acquiring, managing, and engaging high-performing employees.


High Quality Assessment Methods

All of the evaluation methods we use are proven to be valid and reliable indicators of job performance. In most cases, these methods require extensive training and certification to use and interpret properly.

We also focus on Assessment Programs, as opposed to single “off the shelf” tests or questionnaires. As research clearly shows, a wider variety of job-relevant assessment methods used in combination allows us to provide a more accurate and comprehensive view of performance and potential and, in turn, help you make more informed decisions.



A thorough needs evaluation is conducted before each project to ensure we fully understand all of the factors important to success, in the position and in your team and organization. This includes the:

  • Impact of the decision

  • Responsibilities and role objectives

  • Challenges that incumbents will face in the position

  • Team and organizational culture

  • Characteristics of successful and unsuccessful employees

  • Critical position competencies



Assessment programs are customized to ensure that any feedback and reports  speak directly to the attributes required for success in a specific role, in a certain team, within your particular organization. This results in an assessment that is tailored, relevant, and ultimately more useful to you in making the right talent management decisions.



The assessment programs are scalable in that we can easily support client projects of any size, scope, and timeframe; they can be conducted remotely, anywhere in the world, through online expert systems, conferencing technology, or our extensive network of associates.

Assessment tests and questionnaires can be provided in a wide variety of languages, and consulting services and reports can be provided in both English and French.

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