Group Comparison Pilot Project

The Hayward Group is currently developing a new assessment program,  which will allow clients to compare candidates to high-performers in a target role. We’re hoping that you and your team would be interested in participating (free of charge), by taking part in a short assessment. 

Our initial focus will be on Human Resources Generalists and similar roles (i.e., HR professionals who handle a wide range of HR tasks and responsibilities).

Afterwards, we will provide feedback on the most significant findings for your team (e.g., common attributes for your staff and high-performers), and send you a white paper that will include results from all participating organizations. 

If interested in completing the assessment, or having your team take part, please contact Chad Hayward at

Who You Hired Yesterday May Not be a Fit for Tomorrow

The current downturn in the energy industry highlights the accelerating pace of change for many Alberta-based jobs, and the need for organizations to pay particular attention to how they define and measure talent. Without understanding what it now takes to be successful, employers are at particular risk of making poor talent management decisions than was the case in a healthy, stable economy.